Building A Meaningful Legacy

What will your footprint look like?

Building an Inspired Business is the usual topic of my entries based upon helping communities at large as well as helping those following in your footsteps. But today’s article is a tribute to a relative by marriage who managed to immigrate to the United States and leave a wonderful mark on everyone he encountered. His life was truly inspiring. This is another instance where business models life.

The remembrances of our deceased relative were equally inspiring. As a young man, “Greg” left Morocco to come to the United States with an entrepreneurial mindset in tact.

Getting acclimated, Greg took a job as a French teacher at a high school located in a poor neighborhood. He gave his all to his students and they rewarded Greg by remaining in touch with him for years, and some, for a lifetime. After getting married and having children of his own, Greg coached his children and their teammates to victory in a variety of sports. Swimming was one such sport. So upon accumulating enough money, Greg purchased a swim school whereupon he delighted in hiring instructors to teach many children how to swim.

But Greg’s real passion was going to flea markets. He eventually opened an antique store. He didn’t necessarily make a lot of money in this endeavor but it was his passion and he spoke passionately with his clientele. They loved coming and exchanging notes on the collectibles. The financial reward came in the increased value of the property.

The only thing missing from Greg’s life was his love for his country’s old-style Temple. So with a few buddies, he created a Moroccan Temple in Los Angeles. When the Temple was built, the people came, and the community developed. The community became a second family for sharing, learning, and supporting one another through the years. No matter how tough times got, there were always people with whom to find comfort.

It was these same people who flocked to the funeral to provide glowing testimonials for the good they found in Greg’s heart. Hundreds appeared to pay homage to the man who gave them hope, encouragement and shared lessons learned along the way. The final touch was the beautifully written letter Greg’s wife, of 46 years, wrote of both the struggles to make it and the fine times they enjoyed together with their children. It was unusual and a wonderful testimonial. Undoubtedly this was the most moving funeral I ever attended.

Normally funerals are sad with little to be said but not in this case. What was most moving was the legacy and the footprint Greg left for all those with whom he came into contact over the years.

The day Greg was laid to rest, the testimonials poured forth, and his heart-based personal brand received much praise. As business mirrors life, had Greg lived on, he would have received many more testimonials and referrals for all that he wished to accomplish.

This is the formula for what puts you on the wave, both personally and professionally, of the Smooth Sale!


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