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  • Building Your Personal Brand with a New Company

    As a newcomer to an organization, there are always obstacles to hurdle; learning names, where to put out-going mail, possibly even how many creamers the boss likes in their coffee. As time passes you learn names and develop your skills. The real key to your success, though, is distinguishing yourself from everyone else.

    1. Know Your Personal Brand

    Establishing a professional reputation with your new colleagues is vital to success within your new organization. Unfortunately, I’ve seen new employees not establish their personal brand early, or even know what their brand is. If you have landed the job, someone believes you add value to the company, so understand which strengths will help you succeed. Identify and develop them then use them effectively every day.

    2. Start Early (literally)

    One of the most important things you can do at a new company is to be punctual (Remember: 10 minutes early is on-time). This demonstrates to your new colleagues that you are eager to learn your new position and anxious to begin contributing to the team. When you finally secure your first project….blow ‘em away. Making a great first impression will set the bar higher for you and sets forth a challenge for you to continue to perform at a high level. Who doesn’t want “high level performer” associated with their personal brand?

    3. Find a Mentor

    As you begin to meet everyone, foster a relationship with each person in a unique way. As you identify each person’s potential to aid in your development, establish a mentoring relationship with them. Branch out and develop relationships in all departments and all levels of the organization. This will broaden your knowledge and reach within the organization. Remember that these mentors talk to fellow colleagues throughout the day; establish a positive personal brand with them and they become your personal P.R. platform.

    4. Be Visible (In a positive way)

    You have a personal brand whether you want to or not. is a perfect example. Jon established himself as the quiet, supporting father of 8 children who endured criticism from his wife, Kate, with nothing more than a facial expression. After the divorce, Jon’s party-boy publicity completely changed the public’s perception of the entire situation; as well as TLC who has now confirmed the show will be entitled “Kate Plus Eight”. Publicity is great for your personal brand as long as it is positive. The more people that know your brand, the more likely opportunities will open up for you. Be sure to always be caught doing something good: Replace paper in the copier, offer to run errands and make the coffee if need be. Small things go a long way!

    5. Keep Your Network Informed

    When you first join an organization, meet with your boss and mentors often to further build rapport. Even if you are not succeeding at first, your eagerness to succeed will become apparent the more you share your thoughts with these individuals. When they see that you are eager to learn and succeed, you will get more of their attention (This is a good thing!).

    The mistake that so many new employees make is that they work hard in the first week to show their new colleagues and bosses that they are a special employee but do not continue it in the second week. The difference between merely a first impression and you personal brand is consistency. Go strong everyday!

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