Career Resolutions for the New Year

Career Development

Every New Year is a new beginning. This means now is a great time to reflect what has/hasn’t worked for you this year and start thinking about what you want to change in your career for the next year. Then, make a plan and start applying this plan to your career.

Most of the people find it difficult to realize all of their New Year’s resolutions because they are easier said than done. Therefore, you need an actual action plan to stick to your goals and you need to prioritize them. Also, don’t have overly ambitious goals. Otherwise, you can get disappointed easily and quit working on your resolutions along the way. The key is having goals that you believe you can achieve in 12 months if you put your energy and some effort.

Below are some popular New Year’s resolutions that will help you build your own list:

  • Get a Promotion: First, find out if your company has a policy for promotions. Then, talk to your manager about the requirements of getting a promotion. Ask him/her what you need to accomplish in order to get promoted and get his/her help to identify the next steps such as future responsibilities or the tasks you need to work on.
  • Find a New Job: If you are not happy with your current job, instead of looking for a new job elsewhere, you can consider taking a new position within your current employer. You have more chances of achieving your goals within your current employer since there are people who know you and the company has already invested in you. First, identify a position that interests you within your current employer. Afterwards, find the hiring manager and the other employees working for him so that you can establish a relationship with them. Finally, convince them that you are the best candidate for that position.
  • Continue Your Education: If you have Bachelor’s degree, you can start taking classes for a Master’s degree. Most universities have evening classes for busy professionals. If you don’t have the time to physically attend a class, you can also consider online degree programs or attending professional certification programs that can help you get ahead of the competition.
  • Expand Your Network: You can attend industry events, seminars and conferences. These are great for following the trends and innovations in your industry and network with other professionals in your area. Make yourself a goal to attend at least 1 industry event per month. You can use social media to stay connected with the new people you meet as well as with your former friends and coworkers.