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    Use Personal Branding to Increase Your Sales

    A few months ago I did an interview with Dan Schawbel and I thought I would share it with you all here. Dan speaks about personal branding and how sales reps can position themselves to succeed it what I call the New Sales Economy. While the interview focuses on sales reps, it’s important to remember …

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    Tweeting About Being Fired From the New Yorker; Why Journalists Should Take Charge of Their Personal Brand

    All in all, last Friday was probably a good day for Dan Baum.

    The former New Yorker staff writer’s decision to use Twitter to chronicle his unwilling exit from the magazine in 2007 has generated quite a bit of buzz and attracted a few hundred followers to his account.

    At 1:46pm on May 8, Baum …

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    ‘Miss California’ Personal Branding Winners and Losers

    I live in Los Angeles and I’m a native Californian.  I love living here – I was born in Southern California, where I live now.  I’ve also lived in San Francisco – what a magnificent city!  As a Californian, my ears perked up when I saw out of the corner of my eye last week …

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    Webinar: How to Use Social Media to Find a Job in This Recession

    You’ve received a lot of free advice on this blog over the past few years, and some of you have even subscribed to Personal Branding Magazine or listened to Personal Branding TV.  Before my new book, Me 2.0, hits bookshelves internationally on April 7th, I’m going to be holding a one time only webinar to …

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    Your Personal Brand Has a Half-life


    Relationships are only as strong as the value placed on the relationship by the least interested party. In other words – reciprocity defines the value of a relationship.

    Consider: a guy may invest a great deal into a potential relationship with a girl (flowers, concert tickets etc). However, the bonds of their relationship are …

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    The Road to Me 2.0: Presentation at MIT and Book Cover Revealed!

    I’ve been thinking about when to start promoting my book, and let’s face it, I already have. The one big detail I haven’t revealed is the cover or the structure of the book. The official title of my book is called “Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success.” I’ve spoke about how …

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    10/23/08: Personal Branding News and Recommendations

    Personal branding news

    Personal Branding Magazine

    The big news next week is that the sample issue of Personal Branding Magazine Volume 2, Issue 2 comes out on Monday, for you to download free of charge. The full paid issue will be made available on November 1st. I will discuss this in depth next week and …

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    Your Network Will Soon be a Job Qualification

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    Web 2.0 and the need to be hyperconnected

    Right now, we live in a world, where we can almost “touch” anyone we want. Instead of six degrees of separation, we are at three degrees. It has never been easier to meet someone, especially when we see whose friends with whom …

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    9/19/08: Personal Branding News and Recommendations

    Hot events

    Brazen Boston

    Brazen Careerist, a company started by Ryan Paugh, Ryan Healy and Penelope Trunk, is coming to my hometown (Boston). For those who haven’t heard of this company, they are an online community and career center for Gen-Y. The community boasts over 100 Gen-Y thought leader bloggers, whose combined insight and ideas …

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    Bentley College Students Learn How to Blend Social Media with Personal Branding

    Yesterday I went back to Bentley College and gave a talk on the fusion of personal branding with social media. This time the students were taking one of the first ever social media classes. From my 4 years at Bentley, it was obvious that this school was far ahead of others, with leading technology, such …

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