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    Evaluating Your Personal Brand-Building Success During 2010

    As a prelude to the fast-approaching New Year, here are some questions to ask yourself as you evaluate your progress building your personal brand-building efforts during 2010:

    Writing & publishing a brand-building book

    Did you publish a book during 2011, or make significant progress towards publishing a brand-building book? Or, do you still feel writing …

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    7 Personal Branding Predictions for 2011

    Every year, since 2007, I’ve made some personal branding predictions for the following year. In 2007, I predicted that we would see a surge in freelancers, which was accurate because 30% of all Americans are free agents now. I also mentioned that our education systems would start teaching classes around the new tools and web …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Jeanne Meister

    Today, I spoke to Jeanne Meister, who is an internationally recognized workplace learning consultant, and the author of The 2020 Workplace (Harper). In this interview, Jeanne disects the 2020 workplace, shows some very interesting research findings, explains how companies can retain talent, gives her opinion on ROWE (I previously interviewed the creators of ROWE), and …

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    Unvarnished Changes Personal Brand Reputation Management Forever

    The web, in general, has always been a positive place for personal branding. No one is going to write someone else a negative LinkedIn recommendation, and even if they did, it doesn’t have to be accepted and published. Most people aren’t going to speak poorly of another individual in a public saying because it makes …

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    3 Personal Branding Theses For The New World of Work

    1.  The internet has forced everyone to become a marketer.

    Gone are the days when only college marketing majors and entrepreneurs had to know how to use marketing to build brands. These days, the internet has enabled everyone with a pulse and some ambition to take advantage of this growing platform.  It’s all about survival …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Aaron Kwittken

    Today, I spoke to Aaron Kwittken, who is the CEO and Managing Partner of Kwittken & Co and a previous vice president at Fleishman Hillard.  In this interview, Aaron goes over some obstacles he faced in becoming successful at a young age, how his role as a PR person has changed and what you should …

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    Personal Branding and the Digital Economy

    The world is changing and it’s going to have a monumental affect on every profession and person. The rules and boundaries have shifted as the internet and social networking have evolved into staples of our everyday lives.

    Change is inevitable – growth is a choice

    The world economy is in the process of going digital …

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    Schawbel Report: The Current State of Personal Branding Worldwide [August 2009]

    It’s already August and I haven’t done one of my reports this year, which is a shame because I did three last year.  The point of each of these reports is to show you trends, insights and a lot of resources which will keep you in tune and up-to-date with the latest happenings in the …

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    Personal Branding Interview: Douglas Rushkoff

    Today, I spoke to Douglas Rushkoff, who is the author of the new book Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back.  In this interview, Douglas discusses his view of personal branding, how branding impacts online transactions, how we can take the world back from corporations, as well as …

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    Brand Yourself as an Expert to Survive the Future

    Last week, I wrote a blog post called “6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Brand Yourself as a Social Media Expert” and it quickly became the most popular post I’ve ever written on this blog (since October, 2006), with over 400 retweets and almost 60 comments. There were a few people who disagreed with my statements and …

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