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The Correlation Between Good Looks and Your Career

Looks matter in business as much as in the rest of life, even if their professional influence tends more to the subliminal. A quick Google Scholar search for “appearance discrimination” will leave you hard pressed to deny that appearance affects professional life, whether you want to be a print model or a product marketing manager.…

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Parent Entrepreneurs: When the Personal Crowds Your Personal Brand

This is the second in my series of mommy entrepreneur profiles. But I need to rename this series because of the feedback I got from said “mommies.” The phrase mommy entrepreneur didn’t sit well with them. My goal was to conjure up images of innovative female businesswomen carving out new ways of integrating work and …

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Are you a 2.0 Egotist?

One of the harshest (and in my view, mostly unfair) criticisms hurled at personal branding is that – when taken to its fullest expression – it encourages and promotes self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, narcissism and plain outright selfishness. Although anyone familiar with the brief yet intense history of personal branding models and philosophies in the XXI century …