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Now It’s Time To Show Your Character(s) On Twitter

In case you missed it, a certain corner of the social media world experienced an influx of joy, celebratory actions and a splash of a surprise this week when Twitter announced changes to the way we will tweet.

When news of new ways around Twitter’s 140-character limit were announced, people rejoiced, screamed emphatically, and waved …

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Branding Lesson: Revels, Advocate

As much as I enjoy discussing the similarities between personal and corporate branding, it is just as important to examine the relationship between the two as well as the nuances within. No matter your career “vertical,” an understanding of the way these two types of branding are connected coupled with the points where you can …

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3 Ways to Promote Your Local Business and Personal Brand Through Community Programs

Locally owned small businesses offer their communities various, undeniable benefits when compared to the large chains and super stores, as you know. Your business likely puts some of its profits right back into your community, too – you generate jobs and tend to provide better wages, and greater flexibility and working conditions that larger companies …

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Timely ‘Thank You’ Note/Email Often Job Tie-Breaker

LOOKING FOR AN EASY, YET VERY EFFECTIVE WAY TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF IN A VERY POSITIVE WAY FROM THE “COMPETITION,” i.e., others seeking the same position(s) as you, during a new job search? Simply send a timely, well-written, short “Thank You” note or email following each and every face-to-face interview with a hiring manager.

Oh, you …