Collective Publicity hires Nicole Dukoff, fostering strategic growth

Collective Growth

Collective Publicity, a recognised PR firm affiliated with Dropout, has expanded its team by hiring experienced Nicole Dukoff as Associate Director. This is a significant growth step since the company’s inception in September 2023 by Founder and CEO, Colleen Kilpatrick.

Having successfully built a reputable firm, Kilpatrick views Dukoff’s addition as a boost to the company’s strategic growth.

Strategic growth at Collective Publicity with Nicole Dukoff

With her vast experience in public relations, Dukoff is set to pioneer pivotal projects and contribute to the firm’s growth.

Her role will complement Kilpatrick’s efforts leading the For Your Consideration (FYC) campaign, central to Dropout, a popular comedy streaming platform featuring shows like “Game Changer,” “Very Important People,” and “Dimension 20.”

However, Collective Publicity’s client portfolio extends beyond Dropout, encompassing Disco Nap, a production company headed by Lauren Mandel, and prominent authors like Jon Collins-Black, demonstrating the firm’s diversity in public relations endeavours.

Another milestone in Collective Publicity’s collaborative initiatives is a professional tie-up with Digital Brand Architects, a division of United Talent Agency (UTA), which mutually benefits both in their work with social media influencers and digital content creators.

Dukoff’s extensive client group management experience, gained from working with Apple TV+, AMC, Freeform, and Starz during her tenure at FerenComm, is deemed highly beneficial for Collective Publicity. She brings an outstanding record of serving high-profile clients and effectively managing complex situations.

Prior to founding Collective, Kilpatrick worked with prestigious clients, including Starz, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and Rotten Tomatoes with ID PR. Her professional accomplishment also includes being instrumental at Epix, now MGM+, in the release of several original series, marking a significant step in her career starting with the illustrious NBC Page Program.