Company Trends: Revealing What’s Hot Among Job Seekers

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Blog1We’re introducing a new product feature to Glassdoor today, Job and Company Trends, which gives insight into what jobs and companies are most popular with job seekers. More than 300 trends lists on Glassdoor now reveal what’s top of mind for job seekers across a variety of industries, job titles and cities worldwide. For example, you can see which jobs are popular with job seekers in London, UK or which companies are popular with job seekers in San Francisco, CA.

3 Key Reasons Glassdoor Trends Is Valuable To Job Seekers

First, it’s often hard to know how competitive a particular job or company may be as a candidate – this sends job seekers cues on how competitive the company or job may be.

It also offers a powerful reminder to research a job and company before applying to or accepting a job offer.

A company or job can trend on Glassdoor for a variety of reasons, good or bad. So before taking a leap of faith, don’t forget to research the company on Glassdoor and in the news to see what may have led to other job seekers taking an interest.

Job Trends

When it comes to Glassdoor Job Trends, job seekers can see which jobs are getting significant amounts of attention either in their country, or by a specific city or industry.

Let’s say you are looking you are looking for a job in San Jose, CA. With Glassdoor Job Trends, you can see which jobs are recently the most popular in the area among other job seekers. You can also see which jobs are most popular within any industry, such as IT services.

Based on what you see, results can provide you with insight into those that may be the most intense for competition.

Company Trends

Similar to Job Trends, Glassdoor Company Trends can be filtered by location, industry or job title. You can see which companies are hot in dozens of specific industries, like Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, or in a specific city, such as London, UK, or which companies are most popular for software developers.

What’s in it for Employers?

Want to know where the talent is? Glassdoor Trends is here to help. Glassdoor Trends gives insight into what companies are popular with job seekers across a variety of industries, job titles and geographies.

Equally important, you can see how news and other events impact job seeker activity on Glassdoor. For example, if your company is in the news because of a new product, service or other reason, it could cause your company to trend on Glassdoor. Why? News can stir huge job seeker interest in your company and prompts them to visit Glassdoor to learn more and/or search for open positions.

How Does Glassdoor Job and Company Trends Work?

Glassdoor Trends uses the past several weeks, months and years of activity across thousands of jobs and companies to identify those with any recent notable or unexpected spikes in attention from job seekers. Results are weighted to help ensure companies of all sizes and less common occupations are included. Glassdoor Trends is updated on a monthly basis, and it allows you to see if jobs or companies have gone up, down, stayed the same or are new to a list based on month over month activity.

Visit Glassdoor Job and Company Trends, and learn more about Trends in our FAQs(including some of the reasons a company may trend on Glassdoor).

EMPLOYERS: Check out how Glassdoor Trends can help you recruit and manage your competition.