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    In light of the 2nd issue of Personal Branding Magazine, which debuts tomorrow, I have included part of my interview with Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life.The interview got A LOT more interesting than what you see below. I trulyPhilip Rosedale - Second Life appreciate Philip’s enthusiasm with personal branding and how Second Life has given the world a chance to experience personal branding from an interactive perspective.

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    Me: Philip, how did you come up with the idea for Second Life? Do you actually have your own avatar in Second Life?

    Philip Rosedale: As a kid I was always modifying the world around me, like growing up I did electronics from like the fourth grade, and I was pretty comfortable with power tools and making things … and I studied physics, ultimately in college (at the University of California, San Diego). … I always felt that using computers to digitally simulate a world, to simulate the physics of reality was the ultimate thing you wanted to use computers for. And if you could use networking – obviously one computer couldn’t do that well, but a lot of computers could. I left RealNetworks (in 1999) and started working on it at the very moment I thought it was possible. Yes I have my own avatar, and I regularly go into Second Life to interact and hold “town hall” meetings and office hours with residents.

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