Does Your Personal Brand Use The Right Vocabulary?

Personal Branding

Just the other day, we asked the question: Does your Personal Brand Use the Right Language?

So, today, we are going to take it to the next level.

You’re speaking the right language. You’re communicating with your audience about things that they care about.

BUT, are you using the right vocabulary?

Your chosen words are signifiers of your personal brand

In some cases, your vocabulary obviously makes a statement. For example, deciding if swear words are a part of your brand. Perhaps you never, ever, ever use them… perhaps you use them sparingly to make a big impact… or perhaps, your brand is fiery and in your face and you use them all the time!

This same decision needs to be made about your personal brand in two key areas.

Key areas in brand vocabulary

1. Brand Vocabulary: Formal or Casual

Doubtless you’ve thought about how formal your personal brand is on several levels. Do you wear a suit?

It is really important to think about the way you use words as well — decide whether you wish to be formal or informal. Do you use contractions? (you’re versus you are) Do you use sayings or formal greetings? What do you use to open and close your email signature?

As with all of these categories, there are no right answers, only answers that are best for your audience!

2. Brand Vocabulary: To Jargon or Not to Jargon

Ah, the jargon question. Did you know that jargon means a sub-language, rather like slang?

And, despite its poor name, this can be a very powerful signifier. It shows that you are in the club, and that you have the expertise.

The key is to make sure that the jargon you choose is in a club that you want to join.

This means that you need to deeply evaluate your audience and consider what they are going to want to hear. Are they going to want to hear industry expertise (ex. being familiar with industry acronyms)? Most Likely, YES! Are they going to want to hear corporate speak? Totally depends on the company.