Drive Sales Exponentially to Exceed Year End Goals

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shutterstock_184648112The last week of August and beginning week of September normally sees people vacating their offices headed for vacation. It becomes a smart strategy to spend ample time anticipating what may be achieved upon everyone’s return to work.

New Projects

What new ideas do you have in mind for the last quarter of the year? Make a list along with initial steps for each. Getting a handle on all that needs to be done ahead of schedule will help you to avoid having to scramble upon your own return from vacation.

New Business Review

Promise yourself to always keep an eye on current and prospective clientele. Use your database to track when you need to follow-up to schedule meetings and continue conversations.

Last Quarter Goals

Sales professionals are familiar with the fact that most business is conducted the last quarter of the year. The reason for this is that companies are careful to not spend their entire budget during the year. However, the remainder of the budget will be lost if isn’t entirely spent by the end of December. So the last quarter of the year seemingly becomes the holiday season all month long per buying and selling.

Prospects and Clients

Reconnect with every single person previously contacted and who expressed some interest earlier in the year.  Create a primary and secondary list of people to contact.  To build momentum and excitement about the “have-to” follow-up, call the secondary list first. The idea is to become very comfortable with this activity before you approach the serious prospects. The important factor is to further build relationships with everyone you meet.   As you begin to feel confident about the sound connections being made, call those on your primary list.


The calls should lead to 2-3 serious daily meetings for the month of September. You might suggest coffee with entrepreneurs or formal meetings with an executive’s team of decision makers at the corporate site.

Plan the Agenda

Upon exchanging pleasantries, briefly recap why you asked to meet. Next, suggest you exchange updates and then have the prospective client speak first.  This allows you to recognize a match and potential new ideas they might try.  By the end of the updates, you will know how to position what you have to say to their interests.

Your goal is to obtain an official date to begin doing business.

Empathy in Meetings

By December, pressure is felt with the countdown to build your own business or make quota per the corporate requirement prior to the holidays.  But with the holiday spirit in the air be sure to project a cheerful image while in meetings.  The first question in this case should be, “Do you have special plans for the holidays?”  This puts the conversation on a relaxed footing yet you may bring it back for a serious discussion.

As everyone comes to agreement on the benefits of what you have to offer, specifically ask to get started in December.  Seeing a nod, present the already prepared paperwork.

Using time efficient strategies as well as focused follow-up will increase the popularity of your personal brand.  Best of all, you will be celebrating during the holidays as you experience the Smooth Sale!