Boring Work photo from ShuttestockThere is always “something” in everyone’s have-to-do list that resembles dreaded drudge work. We drag our feet knowing it needs to be done, but it just isn’t the type of work we prefer to do and so we push it off for yet another time.

The better route is to master taking care of whatever your drudgework may be in order to get it done and put to rest.  Below are a few suggestions for you to consider during year-end in order to fast track business in the New Year.

Email and documents

Go through all of your email to include in-box, sent and trash. Delete as many as possible. Likewise, review your saved files to delete those you do not currently need.  Before the deletion, make certain you have a working back up disc, (internal or external) and in good working order, or utilize a cloud service, so that you may recall the important documents as you need them down the road.

Online profiles and account settings

Have you moved, changed your name, or the purpose of your business? In order to continue to do well with search engine optimization, it is important that each account reflect your most current information for contact as well as your most recent achievements.

This is a time consuming effort in that you are most likely involved with numerous sites.  Some services exist that provide auto connecting that allows for updating once inclusive of all of the sites at the same time.  Of course, a fee is most likely attached.  Otherwise, make time to adjust your profile and settings as events dictate.  The important factor is for everything to be up to date.

Contact forms

It always surprises me when companies hide their phone number and other contact information. This dissuades many from digging deeper to find the required information in order to get in touch with you. One example, for eliminating added effort in your prospective client’s eyes is to have your email signature include links to your social media connection buttons.

One sales philosophy is “make it easy” for others to say, “Yes!”


How old is your picture shown on your profile pages?  Do you want to have an animal, baby or egg representing you?

Another sales motto is, “People buy from people they know, like and trust.”

Intuitive people can look at a picture to know whether there may be synergy while others will refuse to do business with those who don’t accurately display themselves.  Why eliminate business needlessly?

The other side of the picture is how you present yourself.  It becomes an underlying communication or marketing and sales tool that conveys the personal you working toward building your personal brand.

By taking care of the drudge work as necessitated by new events, the time commitment won’t be too terrible and you will be gratified to know everything is up to date.  Getting to this state will lead you to the Smooth Sale!