Elden Ring DLC launches with promising reviews

Promising Launches

Hold onto your joysticks, Elden Ring lovers — the foretold Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is here! Excitement is mounting as critics alike share their promising first impressions. They promise new regions, novel bosses, and an armful of weapons that peel back a fresh layer of Elden Ring’s rich narrative tapestry. If you think you’ve seen all that Elden Ring offers, think again — gameplay has been reimagined to provide loyal fans a unique challenge.

Esteemed gaming platforms are all praises for the creativity and ingenious level design that grips you from the word go. What’s more, the unexpected storyline twists have everyone on the edge of their seats. The Elden Ring narrative continues to work its magic, fortifying its place as a paragon in the RPG universe. Undeniably, the launch of Shadow of the Erdtree has stirred up the Elden Ring buzz, with sales predictions looking positive.

The shadow of Elden Ring’s success looms over the DLC, setting a tough act to follow with its stellar 96/100 metascore. Yet, the latest installment holds its own with a commendable 95/100 from 56 early reviews. A worthwhile successor to Elden Ring?

Elden Ring expansion delivers unique gameplay

You bet!

Kirk McKeand from GLHF lauds the DLC a solid 10/10, hailing it the perfect enhancement to “one of the finest open-world games to date”. IGN’s Catarina Macedo raves about its harmonious blend of classic Dark Souls gameplay with an absorbing world, giving it a nearly faultless score. Gamespot’s Phil Hornshaw crowns it as a “grandiose underdog”, major credit to its charm and challenging layouts. He proposes it might just top the Elden Ring series.

Mitchell Saltzman joins the applause, bestowing the DLC top marks for stellar visuals and fitting musical score. This expansion, in his words, has defined new industry standards with its innovative game mechanics and enthralling plot. However, not all share this sentiment. Alexis Ong from Polygon argues the game deviates too far from the captivating core game, merely awarding it 3 stars.

The curtain will draw on June 21, 2024, when the community has its say. Anticipation is rife for its potential to engage players despite noted challenges. Ultimately, the players determine Shadow of the Erdtree’s fate, reflecting the ever-dynamic and interactive nature of the gaming industry.