Elmwood designs identity for first over-the-counter birth control

"Elmwood Birth Control"

Elmwood, a renowned design consulting firm, has successfully crafted the visual identity for Opill – America’s first over-the-counter birth control pill, a pivotal breakthrough in the US healthcare system. A brainchild of the forward-thinking pharmaceutical brand, Eukarya Health, Opill stands as a leap forward for women’s healthcare accessibility.

The design celebrates female autonomy and empowerment, with a clear intention to break down the stigma associated with contraception. It showcases bold, confident graphics, coupled with a rich, vibrant palette that reaffirms the brand’s dedication towards inclusivity and acceptance.

Elmwood’s efforts echo ongoing debates about women’s rights in the US. The arrival of over-the-counter birth control pills means women no longer need a prescription, empowering their healthcare decisions and giving them greater control over their reproductive health. This represents a stride in reducing unwanted pregnancies and decreasing healthcare costs.

Backed by pharma giant Perrigo, Opill was green-lit last year for over-the-counter distribution, marking a sizeable step towards women’s empowerment.

Designing Opill: First OTC birth control’s identity

Tasked with developing a compelling brand aesthetic for the daily oral contraceptive, Elmwood embraced the challenge by envisioning a brand identity that emphasizes the product’s ease of use and provides women with a newfound sense of independence.

Elmwood’s creative minds veered away from standard healthcare designs, instead creating a brand that’s accessible, friendly, and distinctly fresh. An O-shaped brandmark and unusual color scheme demonstrates Opill’s commitment to democratizing healthcare and enhancing its accessibility. This revolutionary product wrinkles the fabric of traditional healthcare, offering women unprecedented control over their reproductive health.

Robs Dyer, Elmwood’s associate creative director, revealed that the aim was to redefine the usual notions of femininity and redesign the reproductive health landscape. Opill, with its vibrant colors and inviting typography, embodies this modern, gender-neutral approach.

Opill’s genesis is a testament to the tireless efforts of the medical community and women’s health organizations advocating for unrestricted access to over-the-counter birth control. The initiative, hailed as a critical step forward, signifies that with unified effort from health leaders and advocates, significant changes can be instigated for the health and wellness of millions.