Entrepreneurial Exam Reveals Improved Grade

It is said, “Summertime and the living is easy”. We seem to enjoy more of what life has to offer when the warmer weather finally arrives. And my theory is, while we are in this more relaxed state, it proves to be the best time to fully examine our current entrepreneurial status.

Challenge Yourself to Take the Entrepreneurial Exam

Instruction: To get into the mood for doing this, begin on a high note and then delve into the more difficult questions. Once the more painful subjects are dealt with, return to the happier subject matter and how you might expand upon it.

1.  Are you happy with your achievements?
2.  Of which achievements are you most proud and derive the most joy?
3.  Out of all of your business activities, which do you look forward to doing the most?
4. What does your spreadsheet recording revenue for each stream of income indicate in terms of the poorest performing activities; should these be discarded?
5.  Which activities do you enjoy the least, and is it time to let go of these?
6.  Is it possible to springboard your favorite activities into further products and services?
7.  Do you have an idea that you never shared because it seems too far-fetched? Perhaps now is the time to discuss the idea with trusted others.

Unlike a college exam that is over within a couple of hours and most likely never consider again, the answers to the questions may take the entire summer. It may even be agonizing to admit what has been bothering you deep down. But the self-reflection, after all, is also intended to find increased happiness within your business and find new routes to take that offer hope of increased joy.

Summer is also a great time to do more reading in order to self-educate or to pay for help on topics for which you didn’t have time earlier in the year.

“Bob” is working in his field of education. But he recognized his desire to produce artsy film. Some laugh that it’s too late in life to attempt to do this. Bob already has a hefty student loan and cannot afford another. Bob does not have contacts in the film production field nor any experience, just the thought. On the other side of the coin, he may find a great hobby. It is possible people he meets along the way will take an interest and they might establish a side business. Beneath it all, one never knows until they try – and isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about?

This time of year is also a perfect time to reconnect with people you previously met. Even better, should you have an inner circle of other entrepreneurs whom you admire and trust, find a time to chat one on one or as a group. No one has all the answers so by being open to share troubling moments as well as new concepts you will bring about new thought to be seriously considered. “One who refuses to give up” may well become your personal brand.

When you take the exam and time to answer properly, you will improve your grade and find the Smooth Sale!