Entrepreneurial Spirit: Ground Zero to Finding Success


Path to Success photo from ShutterstockThe entrepreneurial spirit believes that quitting is acceptable only after success has been found but not before. Even though a new direction may be found, the experience of the previous route remains a teacher for the new.

It is the spirit and drive of the person that is bound and determined to learn from errors so that an improved plan may be developed. The plan itself, if written, is done so with a pencil. Why? Nothing remains permanent. Society, economics, and new technology change at a fairly rapid rate. Attempting to do the same, year after year, will not be fruitful. The more daring entrepreneurs take calculated risk to leap into the unknown believing there is a good chance that the new route will be well worthwhile. Although negative others may try to dissuade, the risk-taking entrepreneur is driven to make a success of her vision.

For example, when the market bottomed out and business was not to be found, I chose to learn what the new social media idea was all about. Dire warnings were heard, but I remained steadfast with conviction that this was the right direction. Taking the leap of faith and with dedicated learning, I was ahead of most. As the economy improved, the education allowed me to redirect back to services offered in a bigger and bolder style. My company name became known worldwide.

The question becomes, how does one formulate a vision, know which direction to begin, or get the experience that is required?

The spirit side leads us to our hopes and dreams, or vision. And it is the vision that will keep the entrepreneur on track. An excellent strategy is to envision a long-term accomplishment such as how you would like to be remembered. Contemplate the happiness you will experience from the achievement. Ask yourself if it will be well worth the learning curve and possible expense to get past the hurdles enabling you to proudly say, “I did it!”

Should one be truly dedicated to make that vision reality, the motivated perseverance is soon followed by the joy derived working toward the vision. When others see you in action, dedicated to make a go of your business, they want to learn more. Freely sharing online what you know draws in large audiences. They are curious, too, to know what drives you and how you are solving the mystery of what may also be holding them back. Your clientele will build as well as convert into a salesforce by reposting your posts.

One element feeds into the next. Thank others for their re-posts and offer to answer questions. The key for selling more is to be of service.

A long-held secret among the successful is that teaching others about the strategies you have found to work the best brings about admiration, appreciation and a larger clientele. Over-delivering on what is expected will bring about testimonials and referrals.

It is your service to others that will thrust you into a leadership position serving to build your personal brand best and lead you to the Smooth Sale!