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  • Facebook “Bio” and Entrepreneurs

    During once of Facebook’s recent re-designs, the “bio” section became front and center on the “info” section of a Facebook profile. This change appears to have replaced the “about me” section which was historically at the bottom of a Facebook profile.

    Re-thinking the strategy

    For the entrepreneur, this means they need to re-think their branding strategy on the bio/about me section of their profile. This will be the first thing many viewers will read (as opposed to previously where they read your interests prior to reading your “bio”).

    For entrepreneurs who use Facebook for personal branding, you should mention your business, your primary content objectives (what you will be posting), and all of your websites (blog, company, Twitter profile). In addition, you should mention the type of people you are specifically looking to connect with (end users for your company’s products, potential business partners, etc., etc.).

    In addition, you should utilize the Facebook privacy settings and make the “bio” section visible to all Facebook users. You want the extra ability to promote your business/website as well as making it clear/visible as to who you want to connect with.

    Happy Facebooking!

    Ben Cathers is the co-founder of InstantSocial.com – an outsourced social media provider (smo). He is the co-founder of three startups before he was 19 years old. Ben is the author of Conversations with Teen Entrepreneurs and was named in 2005 by CNN as a member of “America’s Bright Future.”  Ben has been quoted/featured in the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, Yahoo! Internet Life, The London Sunday Times and in over 40 different publications. 

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