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My new book, Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, has been selling very well. Most authors won’t tell you how many books have been sold, unless that number is at least 20,000, but I’m not most authors 😉 .  Me 2.0 has sold over 1,000 copies since it’s been out last month, thanks to your support.  The Me 2.0 marketing campaign was a combination of blogging, social networks, some free book giveaway promotions, mainstream press attention and a viral push through the blogosphere, as well as a local book tour.  In light of the success of this book, I’m giving away free copies of the first chapter of Me 2.0; yours to download today!

What is Chapter 1 about?

A lot of people who pickup Me 2.0 for a bookstore or on Amazon have no idea what personal branding is, how it came to be and what’s involved in it.  Chapter 1 of Me 2.0 gives you the history of personal branding, the definition, what it really means to have a brand (reputation and authenticity), information on word-of-mouth marketing, how visibility translates into career opportunities, and the importance of networking.  My favorite part about Chapter 1 is that it talks about how the world wasn’t ready to embrace personal branding in 1997 when Tom Peters coined it and instead, it spread when branding became more obvious through web 2.0 technologies.  Now, any brand (corporate/product/person) can use the same free platforms to become more well known to their audiences.

Don Tapscott send me the following quote, which appears in Chapter 1:

“In the past, people played limited economic roles. As employees, they worked within organizational silos where the boss told them what to do. Too many people were bypassed by circulation of knowledge, power, and capital, and thus participated at the economy’s margins.”Don Tapscott, bestselling author, Wikinomics

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Free Download: Me 2.0 Chapter 1 “The Brand Called YOU!

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