From Identity to Personality. Be Remembered.

“Identity is recognition. Personality is about character and charisma!” – Marc Gobe

If you are involved in the world of building trust through content in the world of social media you understand the concept of building an identity. The foundation of all personal branding initiatives is building recognition through your core group of either prospects or peers. Unfortunately, many social media users tend to put to much emphasis on the concept of identity over personality. Ego over control.

Recognition, trust and identity

There is a huge aspect of social media catered to the ego of an individual… that is where recognition plays a huge role. We conceptualize recognition as a form of success. Why? It is fun for users to gain 2000 to 4000 new followers. It is awesome when Chris Brogan or Robert Scoble mentions your name in a post or through a feed. The reality of all of this is that it doesn’t matter. You may gain a few new followers because of the endorsement but relationships still have not been forged. And relationships are all that matters in the world of personal branding.

You are unique. The personality that you were gifted with needs to shine through when using social media tools. We are all an “identity” when first introduced to another on social media. We are all just another small 100 x 100 pixel face on Twitter until we create an emotional response… until we share some insight and join in the discussion.

Only then can we move from an identity to a personality..and be remembered.