GameSquare divests assets, sharpens business focus

"Divested GameSquare"

GameSquare Holdings, Inc.

GameSquare’s strategic divestment for business sharpening

has executed a sharp transaction with Immergo and XPR, resulting in the sale of non-essentials assets from subsidiary Frankly Media LLC.

This includes their content management software and PR distribution arm, cementing GameSquare’s dedication to core operations.

A streamlined business model emerges from this sale, aiming for enhanced financial performance.

The divestment has strengthened GameSquare’s market stance, enhanced shareholder value and opened new channels for growth opportunities.

While the sold assets contributed significantly to GameSquare’s yearly revenue, the profits earned from this transaction has paved the way for richer fiscal performance and provided much needed financial fluidity.

This move reduces the company’s annual operating expenses by $2.3 million, providing a lucrative promise for the future growth.

Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare, has voiced the company’s new focused strategy on high-growth, high-margin business and accumulating non-dilutive capital.

The company has in the past six months, sold four secondary assets worth $16 million, enhancing their cash reserves and a leaner operational approach.

GameSquare’s leadership plans to use the obtain funds for acquisitions, service improvement, customer base expansion and technological investments.

Kenna’s leadership has shone through decisive actions and clear strategies, strengthening the company’s market position while instilling investor confidence.

GameSquare has taken a strategic step with the full acquisition of FaZe Clan and selling off a portion of FaZe Media to Matt Kalish, marking a stronger foothold in the gaming industry.

GameSquare is known to revolutionize brand-gaming publisher relationships with a focus on youthful demographics.

Successful partnerships, notably with FaZe Clan, and support from eminent investors like Jerry Jones and the Goff family have enriched their growth potential.

By tailoring marketing strategies to the gaming world, the company boosts brand engagement using their award-winning marketing services.

Finally, the sale’s impact and future business plans will be detailed in the upcoming investor’s meeting.

GameSquare appreciates their stakeholders’ support in this transition period and promises continued strategic growth.