Get Your Online Brand Centralized With Profiled

It can be easy to get your online information scattered in the age of social networking.  But when you do seem to get all the content you want to feature for your brand, how do you know if the audience is finding something completely different online? In the professional world, image is everything. This also applies to personal branding, which is where Profiled can help you get your “fractured internet presence into one easy place.”

What is Profiled?

Profiled is a website where your business contacts can view your professional Internet presence in one, centralized place. It essentially combines aspects of social media profiles with online mention analytics to provide a professional and cohesive image of you from online sources.

Signing in to create your own profile is completely free. From there, you then can select different features to customize yourself.


Here are some of the best features to try out once you’re signed in:

Dashboard: This is the place where you can view information about your profile’s analytics, media monitoring results, blog posts submitted, as well as a space for giving feedback to the site for improvement.

Profile Analytics: You have the ability to view your profile’s activity through a range of dates you select, such as page views or visitors.

Media Monitoring Results: The results of new featuring you are found by typing in your name, the name of your company, and other keywords about you. You can then choose which content to post as your personal news archive. You can also create your own content in the form of a blog that is automatically posted to your profile.

Profile Wizards: If you’re having trouble not knowing what to write or how to present yourself – a step-by-step guide presents examples and notes on how to do it.

The pros and cons


  • Free
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides guides and examples on what to write or include on your profile
  • Can import information from your LinkedIn account
  • Profiles include online news links about you
  • Provides analytics
  • Customized profile URL


  • Cannot present your own submitted online content, only what the platform finds on you
  • No option to search for members through your imported contacts – makes it difficult to find people on the site you may already know (although it’s not a networking site)

Profiled has a multitude of great tools to curate online information about you into one place. If you are feeling like your online brand needs more structure, using this platform can be a great way to carve your niche to your professional contacts.