Grilli Type launches inclusive global typography system

"Inclusive Global Typography"

Grilli Type, known for their exceptional typography services, recently unveiled what they call their “most comprehensive typographic system to date,” GT America Intl. This signifies a shift from the western-centric tradition towards globally inclusive typography styles. The novel typographic system is developed to accommodate diverse global cultures, presenting more options for global design work.

This move acts as a testament to Grilli Type’s commitment to evolution and growth in a rapidly changing industry. The introduction of GT America Intl ushers in a forward-thinking stride towards bridging the gap between Western and worldwide typographic traditions, offering users a wide gamut of style options and encouraging global creativity.

Noël Leu, co-founder of the company, explained that the project was utilized to investigate the ties between various types of writing forms and their historical progress. He underscored the necessity of understanding the details and contexts of each script style, as cultural and technological shifts have always shaped the way we write.

Leu voiced his confidence that this in-depth approach will pave the way for future research and shed light on the transformation of writing forms over time. He hoped that the project would foster interest and spur more research into this fascinating subject.

Previously launched GT America was hailed for its diverse styles spread across six different widths and seven weights.

Embracing global cultures in typography

In its evolution, Grilli Type tactfully incorporated Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese into their typographic collection. GT America Intl continues this trajectory by integrating Arabic, Devanagari, Hebrew, Korean, and Thai scripts, solidifying its position as a versatile tool for unified, global communication.

The inclusion of these new writing systems necessitated collaborations with native language experts from around the globe due to the stark differences from the Latin alphabet. The vigorous iterations in the development process ensured accurate representations of each language, resulting in an authentic, unique product.

The project maintains a respect for unique language attributes such as the right-to-left layout in Arabic and Hebrew and the bilingual reading orientation of Korean. It emphasizes the inclusion of various cultural scripts to serve a global audience and sets the stage for future innovation in typeface design. As a breakthrough in multi-script typography, GT America Intl supports the growth of global cultural exchange and encourages cross-cultural understanding.

This venture signifies a commitment to embracing linguistic diversity in different cultures, shedding light on global dynamics and setting a path for future expansion. Looking forward, Grilli Type plans on incorporating more languages and scripts, aiming to break cultural barriers and aid in smoother worldwide communication.