Grow Your Personal Brand’s YouTube Subscribers

Personal Branding

Having a well-planned visual marketing strategy is an important part of building your personal brand online. Leveraging YouTube to its fullest potential can increase your visibility and influence online.

Video is one of the best methods today that builds a larger audience and following online, which makes this a must-use strategy for brands. Posting relevant visual stories that your audience will love is just the beginning to success.

The right hashtags and descriptions can be very effective in getting your videos noticed on YouTube, and this involves both target market research the right message for our viewers. Here are several steps you can take to help your business stand out from the rest:

  • Choose a customer URL – Once your brand has reached 100 subscribers you can apply to have a custom URL that matches your other online properties. This will enable your audience to easily recognize you and share your profile without too much detail in the address. Try to keep your channel name consistent and as short as possible.
  • Use featured channels – Your company can benefit from others in your niche by showcasing their channels on your side bar. This will enable you to attract their subscribers as well as add more visual content to your brand channel that your viewers can benefit from.
  • Include a “call to action” – Use annotations and specific messages to grab the viewer’s attention and compel them to take action. Sometimes this can be in the form of speech balloons or a simple call to subscribe to your channel, which can lead them to your website and other social networks.
  • Have a clear title – Your brand will want to make it absolutely clear what your videos are about. The titles should be simple yet catchy and appealing to your audience. Study headlines from your competition and find out what is working for their niche — while you do not want to duplicate their efforts you can learn more of what viewers are gravitating toward based on their likes and comments.

Use YouTube as a tool to bring more visibility to your personal brand as well as a place where people can be entertained and learn more about your business. Make a plan to be active throughout the week, and pay close attention to the comments you are receiving. There are many tools and apps available to help you create, edit and schedule your videos, many of which are free to use. This is one of the largest social networks where your brand can build a loyal fan base.