How Brands Can Have a Successful Marketing Plan for Book Publishing

Personal Branding
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shutterstock_248702062Publishing a book is a great way to build your personal brand, and can used for building a loyal following online. It takes time to develop the marketing process for this, but with the right strategy you can have both time for writing and strategy.

Are you looking for more time for your book marketing? By focusing on the right social networks and staying diligent in your daily activity you can have better focus and a stronger community.

Getting started on building your website and social networks before your brand’s book is complete is just one way to make your time efficient. With a well-planned campaign that captures your reader’s attention you can spread the word online, and improve your sales.

How to get better focus for your book marketing strategy

There are several ways you can build your personal brand through publishing with time for both writing and marketing.

  • Engage where your audience is – It’s easy to jump into too many social networks at once, which can cause burnout and a lack of activity. Find out where your community engages in the most, and focus on a few key platforms until you have a solid foundation in place before moving onto others. Most often this includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. But other niches may have more active users on YouTube and live streaming on Twitter. The more familiar you are with your audience’s social activity the more you will be able to connect with them in a meaningful way.
  • Start today – It is easy to focus more on writing than building your brand’s marketing plan. The time is now to start your activity including posts, tweets, replies, ect. Even if it is just a few minutes a day you can set aside part of your day that is dedicated to your blog and social networks. Don’t put this off any longer. Start building your audience right away.
  • Grow your blog and content strategy – Put together engaging articles that your readers will be able to use. This valuable content is the building block toward gaining interested readers, and can provide your visitors with videos, promotions, free reports, and more. Make sure you are capturing subscribers with a great offer, and create an email campaign that builds their level of interest.
  • Analyze your results – Use online tools such as Google Analytics, Buffer, and Hootsuite to track your activity and engagement. This will help your brand learn more about your target market and provide insights into what their needs and desires are. With careful attention you can provide the content they are looking for and increase your chances of a book sale.

Book publishing is just the beginning when it comes to building a loyal following for your personal brand. With a set schedule, research, planning and enticing promotions you can increase your chances of attracting more readers who will provide word of mouth online.