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  • How Facebook May Have Ruined Its Brand

    Facebook has been in the news a lot lately, but unfortunately for them that’s not a good thing. Users have been up in arms over recent changes to Facebook’s privacy policy – which is only the latest in a series of changes that have many people questioning their use of the prevailing social network.

    I would definitely say that I have a different perspective on all of the privacy concerns. Facebook needs to make money, and they’re using data to sell advertising to marketers (like me) so that they can continue offering Facebook as a free service. Almost everything that Facebook has changed over the last year has been to make their service an attraction for marketers, but they seem to be crossing the line with privacy and are in grave danger of ruining their brand image. Many users are furious with what they see as a significant invasion of their privacy by Facebook. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t seem to care. Mark Zuckerberg had made it very clear that he doesn’t care about privacy online – a move that is basically allowing him to dig his own grave.

    Whiny users?

    If I was Mark Zuckerberg I would do what Domino’s did when customers complained about the pizza. Facebook should turn its focus back to the users and let them know that their complaints are being heard and that changes are being implemented (which would also mean that Facebook would need to make real changes). I think that Facebook is underestimating its users, because so far they’ve just been treating them like a whining kid that they can ignore.

    At the end of the day, I have to say, it’s just Facebook. For all of you out there who are so angry about privacy, my advice to you is to simply stop using the site! I’m still unsure what will happen to Facebook’s brand image. Mark Zuckerberg has some big decisions to make at the moment. Let’s hope, for his sake, that greed does not get the best of him.

    David Trahan is currently working at leading social marketing agency Mr Youth in New York, and previously held positions with the Ad Council, Goldman Sachs and others. He is a recent graduate of Pace University where he received many scholarships and awards and is now a mentor in their Alumni Mentor Program. David also serves as a member of the AD Club of New York Young Professionals Steering Committee.

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