How Personal Brands Can Attract a Loyal Audience

shutterstock_306812564Building a brand image is not an overnight process, and many businesses may struggle online to connect with their fans and followers. As social media becomes more people driven it’s not too late to change your approach and build better relationships. This is just a matter of making time to be active in your community and approachable on your networks.

Does your brand appear stale to it’s audience? There are great techniques that can bring up the level of your communication and interactions. It’s important to focus on what their questions, needs, and desires are in order to effectively reach them.

Lack of activity can hinder your personal brand’s community building progress. The right focus will enable you to pay attention to what others are saying about you and how to build trust.

Loyalty Building for Personal Brands

Creating a good rapport online is just the beginning of reaching out to your brand’s audience. Here are some key factors to consider:

Track your current connections – Word of mouth is like gold when it comes to attracting new leads and customers for your brand. Use online tools and social media analytics to follow what your current readers are saying about your products or services. Reach out to them and show these people that you truly care about their experience with your business. It’s amazing how many brands do not do this, especially on big networks such as Facebook and Twitter. A customer who perceives that you care and can relate to their needs will be more likely to spread the word and make another purchase.

Ask questions – While researching the pain points of your target market is essential for gaining the right focus it is also important to reach out directly with questions or polls in order to learn more about your community. This can provide new insights your brand may have missed and an opportunity to publicly make changes.

Respond to negative feedback – No brand finds it easy to receive negative comments online, but instead of ignoring the issue this can be an opportunity to go above and beyond for your customers. Depending on the situation you can provide a free offer or coupon, and approach them with a positive attitude that welcomes their comment(s). Situations can easily get out of control on social media, and so your brand will need to use your best judgement according to the issue. Sometimes it is better to provide a phone number to call or invite them to send a direct message or email to your company. Make a plan to respond to these types of comments in a timely manner, and more often than not people will make a turn around in their perception of your brand.

As a personal brand expands online the need for trust and loyalty grows. Take the time to communicate with your leads and customers, and be open for changes. Your business will soon become a word of mouth magnet as your brand followers provide free advertising through recommendations.