How To Add Spice To Your Brand’s Website Sales Page

Personal Branding
online sales

e-commerce-1606962_640In order to build a good reputation online and attract the right leads your personal brand can benefit from a sales page. The right message and graphics will help you generate more sales.

A well crafted page can also increase your visibility through social sharing and word of mouth marketing. This means content should be appealing and clear to your visitors. Here are several techniques to help increase your conversions:

  • Use images effectively – Avoid using generic photos or video to just fill in space. Remember that your sales message should entice your reader to want to know more, and targeted images can help you accomplish that. Your brand needs to communicate effectively the value of what you’re offering in a way that text alone cannot.
  • Personalize your message – Put a face to your brand and include real-life testimonials or a background on your company. Use photos that encourage direct eye contact that will appeal to your readers’ emotions. This personalizes your business and establishes trust with your community.
  • Include photo captions Whether you are featuring products or customers on your sales page you can make better use of your images with descriptive text. This is a good way to deliver a mini message in the context of your overall theme. Your audience will be curious to know more about each photo and what they represent.
  • Use video to your advantage Stand-alone images may not be enough these days to capture the interest of your brand’s readers. By including a powerful video message you can draw them in in a whole new way. This can include storytelling techniques or something that is both entertaining and informative on the products or services you are offering.

A stand-out sales page that gets noticed for a personal brand is one that not only pays attention to its audience, but includes eye-catching content that is engaging and interesting. Include high-quality images with text that is targeted and clear to your readers for better conversions.