When you have a unique name, face, personal brand statement and skill set, differentiation is natural and fairly easy.  Out of everything I just mentioned, your face is perhaps the most important asset you have, both online and offline.  We spoke about how to brand yourself with business cards some time ago and how your cards should contain a picture on one side because that’s how people will remember you.  When was the last time you forgot a face?  Unless you meet someone when they are five years old and then visit them when they are twenty-five, there aren’t drastic changes in their physical appearance.  Of course, people can gain and lose weight, change their hair color, grow taller and have their skin age, but for the most part their appearance remains the same.

You officially have a twin brother/sister

How can you brand yourself so you separate yourself from your twin? People get confused when they meet twins all the time.  It’s nearly impossible to remember their names.  You are probably guilty of trying to analyze them and pick them apart!  People who really scrutinize twins typically say “oh it’s that one with the mole.”  Even parents of twins can get confused at first.  Over time, they figure it out because they have to.


  • The twins interview at the same company, at the same time, for the same position.
  • One twin goes on a date with a guy and then the guy sees the other twin the next morning.
  • The two twins sit in class and the teacher swaps their grades.
  • One twin sleeps in, while the other twin receives an award that his/her twin won.
  • One twin starts an online TV show and gets sick.  The other twin takes over and isn’t as funny, so viewers notice and comment.
  • A hiring manager is conducting research for an open position, finds both twins Facebook accounts and selects the wrong twin for the position.

How to differentiate yourself as a twin

1.  Play up your name as much as possible. Whenever you have the chance to say or write your name, do it and repeat it.  Purchase your unique domain name and accounts on the leading social networks.  If you are using a picture of yourself online, then edit your name into it.

2.  Use your hair as a secret weapon. The picture of the Olsen Twins depicts the girls with two completely different hair styles.  Anyone in the world can have a different style, whether it’s long, curled, or standing up.  Even if you’re triplets, you can change this on a dime.

3.  Buy a different wardrobe. If you both wear the same black ACDC t-shirt everyday, no one will ever get your name right and I wouldn’t blame them.  Hopefully, if you are a twin, you will have a different favorite color and clothing style.   Don’t borrow each others clothing because you have the same weight and chest size.

4.  Follow your passion and don’t copy. Some twins just hold the same profession because they are always around each other and rub off on one another.  Try to follow your passion instead of just taking the easy path.  You will regret it later if you don’t.