We all know personal branding can help you market your expertise and land a job. However, do we really know how to get our personal brands noticed by employers?

One of the key factors of building your personal brand is creating one employers and recruiters will love, which will give you an edge on your competition.

To stay competitive in your job search, your personal brand must tell a story about your unique you. You need to feel confident marketing yourself as a job seeker throughout your personal brand. By doing this, you will be on your way to creating a brand that demonstrates your experience and character — plus, you’ll have recruiters and employers trying to get a hold of you to learn about what you have to offer their company.

If you’re wondering what you can do to get employers to love your personal brand, check out these following branding tips to make yourself a job seeker they’ll want to hire:

Show your passion and drive

When an employer comes across your brand, you immediately want them to feel your positive energy and enthusiasm for your profession. When you display this type of enthusiasm throughout your brand, recruiters and employers will be interested to see how you will fit the culture of their company. It’s also important to be genuine when illustrating your passion because you want employers to see your true character. By sharing your passions and goals throughout your brand, employers will see you are a motivated job seeker without you even having to say a word.

Keep it consistent and professional

Something employers look for when searching for candidates is consistency in a candidate’s brand. From your resume and cover letter to your blog and Twitter profile, make sure your brand is consistent throughout the different job search and networking tools you use. By doing this, you will make it easier for employers to discover you on different social networks and remember your name. Plus, you will also be able to create a positive digital footprint, which is something employers love to discover when they research candidates for their positions.

Display your leadership skills

One of the mistakes many job seekers make with their personal brand is too much self-promotion. If you want employers to notice your brand, what you should be doing is illustrating your leadership skills. Your personal brand is an excellent way to share your knowledge with other people, so use it as a tool to help others. This way, when employers or recruiters find you on LinkedIn or Twitter, they will be able to see how you have helped the people in your networks and served as a thought leader.

Provide content to make employers curious about you

If you want employers to be interested in what you’re doing, you need to give them a reason to check in with you! By providing content that provides insight on your character and expertise, employers will be more interested to see what you have to offer as a professional. One of the best ways to build relationships with employers and recruiters is to provide content you think they would be interested in. This doesn’t necessarily have to be content you created, but it should definitely illustrate your career path and what you’re doing to advance your career. Plus, when you provide interesting and thought-provoking content, employers will want to follow up with you to see where your career path is going.

The key to creating a brand employers love is showing your enthusiasm, being yourself, and demonstrating leadership skills. Employers seek confident job seekers, therefore when you illustrate your passions and expertise (without appearing self-promotional), employers will want to learn more about you and even contact you for an interview!