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    Today, I spoke with Chris Russell (Luke Skywalker) and Peter Clayton (Obi Wan Kenobi). Since I started blogging, I’ve been following both of these recruiting pioneers and media producers and I wanted to interview both of them simultaneously about their new project, JobRadio.fm.  When Chris makes a big move, people watch and when Peter talks on his radio show, people listen.  Today, we will find out more about their new venture, as well as get a glimpse into the future of recruitment.

    Peter and Chris, I’m very interested in your new partnership and company, JobRadio.fm.  Peter, you’ve owned the very successful TotalPictureRadio.com and Chris, theres not much you don’t own in this category, starting with your blog, Secrets of the Job Hunt to the newly minted Jobs in Pods podcast series.  As you’ve combined forces, how have you sorted out all the branding, under the master brand JobRadio.fm?  What is your brand strategy moving forward?

    Chris: Each brand stands alone. The station is merely another distribution point for our content. Internet radio is an up and coming media we both want to be a part of.  JobRadio.fm is a simple, single content point for the best career advice audio on the net.

    Peter: Just to amplify on Chris’ comments. I think this is an opportunity to expand awareness of our brands by embracing another delivery medium – we’re doing in audio format what CareerHub has done in blogging. Also, I’m involved in Jobs in Pods, as one of the Jobcast hosts. I think there’s a nice synergy between the Jobcasts (real jobs promoted by hiring managers) and Jobradio.fm).

    What do each of you gain from one another through this partnership, not just professionally but for all the brands you’re accountable for?

    Chris: I think the biggest benefit will be an extension of our unique brands as we gain a new audience. By combing forces, my audience can discover peter and Peter’s can discover mine. The same goes for other podcasters whom we will add over time.

    Peter: Although we each have a unique POV –  we are career advocates – interested in helping individuals understand the complexity of managing ones’ career in this ever more transparent and connected marketplace. JobRadio.fm is an “All Things Considered” of careers, leadership development, and employment trends.

    Where do you see recruitment heading?  You’ve established properties that give a glimpse at the present and future, but what is your end goal and vision for recruitment?

    Chris: I think recruiting is in the midst of an evolution through web 2.0 / social media. I believe the day is near when employers can skip using the Monster’s and CareerBuilder’s of the world and instead utilize sites and technologies like Facebook and podcasts to recruit. With a service like Jobs in Pods it gives employers an easy way to take advantage of some of these cool new ways to communicate. I am on personal mission to get companies to adopt social media in their recruitment strategies. I think the next 10 years of my career will be doing just that.

    Peter: Two words: Transparency. Authenticity. I’m amazed that a number of organizations believe they can still “control the message.” They can’t. I believe the new generation entering the workplace will exhibit a more open and inclusive style of leadership, and the ability to manage and inspire virtual teams will become critical. The use of video will become a standard recruiting tool — for both companies and candidates. The War for Talent is real and is going to get more competitive. Those organizations that embrace social networks, expert bloggers, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. will have access to the best talent. If I were in recruiting, I’d be connecting with the strategists behind Barack Obama’s campaign.

    How have you dealt with various audiences different throughout your career, such as recruiters, job seekers, etc?

    Chris: I’ve always though of myself as an advocate for the job seeker. Job hunting is hard. Thats why I used to moonlight as a resume writer, and wrote a book on job hunting. I also used to run a blog for recruiters but ended up selling it to focus more on my new projects. Much of my week now is dedicated on the job seeker side and working with clients for Jobs in Pods.

    Peter: I spent 25 years making corporate marketing, sales and employee motivational films for large companies (AT&T, Citi, Chase, American Express, Xerox, IBM, etc). For 12 years, I produced a twice-weekly sales success radio show for Citibank. Total Picture Radio was created from that experience, and the fact that many of my friends and clients working in these organizations were getting RIFed, downsized, merged, blown out the door, mid-career, without a clue — how to go about getting a job. (Think Bell Labs researcher). These were the ever-loyal, ever-true baby boomers. Deloitte (an organization that actually does believe talent creates a competitive advantage), gave me seed money to start Total Picture Radio, believing that new technology (podcasts), would attract the kinds of talent they wanted to recruit.

    How have you leveraged your personal brands (being famous in this space) to get sponsors, content and clients (for instance your Fortune 500 clients on Jobinpods.com)?

    Chris: For me a lot of that success has been through blogging, writing a book also helped. In the case of JobRadio.fm I already had SimplyHired as a sponsor on one blog and approached them to help us with the station. Being the hip, cool company they are…they immediately saw the value and signed on. I think my blogging has allowed me to build up these personal relationships (both virtually & in person) to become well known in this industry.

    Disclaimer: I work at EMC and helped connect Chris with HR.

    Peter: Part, I think, is just staying at it for long enough to get noticed. Also, staying focused. I get 20-30 books per month from publishers and agents wanting me to interview their authors. I attend lots of events in recruiting, leadership, sustainability. Arbita sponsored my coverage of OnRec in Chicago. Deloitte sponsors TPR’s coverage of a number of events each year; most recently the NeuroLeadership Summit in New York. Regarding JobRadio.fm, I’ve interviewed their CEO, Gautam Godhwani several times and really admired the company and clever advertising they’ve done (the Simply Fired campaign, for instance). I think it’s terrific to be associated with such a great brand.

    Chris Russell is a ten year veteran of the online job search industry.  His
    insights on current job hunting strategies provide a unique perspective, unmatched by most other job search experts.  He’s been on both sides of the hiring fence as a job seeker and employer. Chris is the cofounder of JobRadio.fm, the owner of the Secrets of the Job Hunt network, chief blogger at Recruiting Fly and the founder of Jobs-in-Pods.

    Peter Clayton is the founder of Total Picture Radio.  He works with a small cadre of top professionals on marketing campaigns and events. He specializes in internal communications campaigns that align and motivate a company’s full workforce to embrace and execute corporate strategies.  He’s working with companies, including GE, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, AT&T, and American Express.  He is the other cofounder of JobRadio.fm.

    Dan Schawbel is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm. He is the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success (St. Martin’s Press) and the #1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan Publishing), which combined have been translated into 15 languages.

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