Whether you are buying, selling, or interviewing for a job, truth and consistency are important models to adhere to as you communicate with the other party. Otherwise unnecessary conflict will eventually arise.

Digging deeper and deeper

Those who choose not to be truthful and consistent, when put in the hot seat over a conflict, will dig themselves into a deeper abyss. At this point it’s very likely further communication will cease to exist or at best, that person will not be trusted in the future. Unfortunately, most of us have faced communication challenges with others in our lifetime.

As an entrepreneur or a job seeker, the consistency of whatever it is you communicate becomes your brand and marketing campaign. Over time, your reputation for standing by your principles will grow and people will come to rely on you.

Integrity and referrals are linked

A high level of integrity will develop a larger clientele including a longer list of referrals and testimonials. Likewise, more people will place you as the lead candidate for a job. In turn, this significantly increases your negotiating power.

Let’s take the example of “Joanne”. On occasion she changes details of what transpired to seemingly advance her cause. But instead this always works against her. She becomes trapped by the ever growing disconnect in her messaging. Recently, her final blow in an argument was when she admitted her inconsistency.

Compounding her disconnect, instead of apologizing, Joanne accused “Susan” of upsetting her and of being thoughtless. My questions for you are:

1. Should Susan beat herself up because she upset “Joanne”?
2. Should Susan maintain pride for sticking to the truth?
3. Will Susan be best off moving on to find friends who better appreciate her?

You may be thinking, “this is non-sense”, however many of us do succumb to unrealistic demands and beat ourselves up.

The above referred to two friends. It gets stickier when you consider the same scenario but relatives are involved. Now, how will you answer the same questions?

I discussed this dilemma with a very good friend. We both agreed, as long as you remain true to who you are, and play by a fair set of rules, you need to remain true to yourself and let the truth be your guide. In all cases whether it’s family, or you are buying or selling, or interviewing – you must know in advance your own rules for proceeding and strictly adhere to them.

If you compromise your values to be “the good guy” – you compromise yourself but not the negotiation. In this unique case, when you choose to compromise, the negotiation becomes a strict win for the other party.

What is right?

Before you set out on entrepreneurial endeavors or sell to your prospect or relative, take a deep look inside to know what’s right, wrong and fair. Keep that list with you at all times. When you let truth guide you, you will remain centered and in the preferred position.

Seek company of others who hold the same rules for business and meaningful relationships. This common sense guide is meant to help you find and enjoy the Smooth Sale!