Marathon Brand Who’s Run Marathons in All 50 States

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Jim Miller is 58 years old and ran his first marathon in 2000 at the age of 48.  He has run over 70 marathons since and is just one of some 560 people to have run a marathon in all 50 states. Now, he is seeking to be one of the very few people to run a marathon in all 50 states and in all seven continents.  He is a marathon “brand” who has yet to create his brand.  This is about to change.

I interviewed Jim when I discovered his amazing feats.  He is low key, humble, has no website, and has yet to tell his extraordinary story to the world.  But he is a “marathon brand” who can no longer remain anonymous.  When he told me that his goal is to be only the 60th person in history to run marathons in all 50 US states and on all seven continents by age 60 (within the next 18 months); and that he was seeking sponsors to help him achieve his goal, I suggested that it was time for this “marathon brand” to come out of hiding – and to share his story with the world.

So with the help of you, the readers of this blog, I want to help this marathon man become a “marathon brand” so he can attract sponsors to achieve his goal in the next 18 months.  Below is part of my interview with Jim Miller… international hospitality consultant and marathon man.

Jay: How or why did you start running marathons at age 48?

Jim: When my father died, I needed to do something significant in memory… in honor of his life.  We were very close.  Friends suggested I run for charities, and the Liver Foundation was one such charity I wanted to support.  So, I signed up for the 2000 Boston Marathon, trained for 6 months, and set a goal of finishing under 4 hours; which is considered a successful run for amateur runners like me.  Inspired by my father, I crossed the finish line in 3:49:50.  I must admit, second only to the birth of my children, that race was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Jay:  How did that marathon lead to more than 70 races since then; and why are you now determined to run a marathon on every continent on the planet?

Jim:  While flying from Los Angeles to Boston one day in 2003, I met a gentleman wearing an LAX marathon shirt.  We got to talking and I told him that I had run a few marathons since Boston in 2000.  He suggested that if I enjoyed it so much, I should join the 50 State Club.  Well, the goal of running a marathon in all 50 states really appealed to me.  I did the research, joined the club, associated with the right people, and got addicted.  I went on to run one marathon a month for the next 4 years… and have stayed injury free.  Also, I run unique marathons, such as the only marathon in the country to be held on New Year’s Day held in Kingwood, TX.

Jay: You must have some great stories given all the races you’ve run, all the people you’ve met, and the sideshows that must go along with the main events.

Jim:  Enough to write a book.  I clearly recall each race; and each race has its own special stories.

Jay:  Can you tell me your favorite race, most interesting race, and some special stories?

Jim: Boston is my favorite race.  The most challenging marathon was the one I just ran in Tampa; because it was the fifth month in a row I ran a marathon but started that one too fast.  I got really tired and my time was not good.  I usually finish in the top of my class category; but not this past one.  Beaver Island, Michigan was my most unique race because I had to be flown there in a prop plane.  Chicago is the most interesting because of all the neighborhoods you run through.  And Kauai, Hawaii is the most beautiful, because… well because it’s Hawaii with all its majesty and splendor.

Jay: What was your best time, and finally Jim, what would a sponsor benefit from sponsoring you?

Jim:  My best time was 3:21:24 in the San Francisco marathon.  As far as the benefits to sponsors, I believe I can be a role model to so many… especially in the areas of discipline, goal setting, dedication, courage, overcoming adversity, staying in good physical and mental health, and giving back to the community – charitable giving.  Think about it.  Less than 60 people have ever done what I am attempting to do – and this at age 58 heading for 60.  I think this is a story that has national and international appeal; that will inspire so many who follow it.  And then think of all of us who can share in the celebration when I achieve this goal.

Jay:  The “Marathon Brand” is a class act and an example for all of us.  Jim can be reached at: or at: (603) 512-7934


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