Marin Software enhances Amazon integration for unaffiliated brands

"Amazon Integration Enhancement"

Marin Software, an esteemed international performance marketing software provider, has released noteworthy updates to Amazon integration, specifically with brands unaffiliated to Amazon in mind. These enhancements are rooted in digital advertising trends and aim to promote both visibility and optimal spending for brands venturing into this space. The emphasis is on boosting efficiency and results in ad spend, offering brands substantial returns on their investment.

The update introduces the Sponsored TV feature, designed to connect advertisers to over 155 million monthly Amazon ad-supported streaming service users, creating an accessible platform for brands not selling on Amazon. The feature smartly targets audience, ensuring ads reach users with a pre-existing interest in the services or products, and holds the power to transform the dynamics of advertising.

Furthermore, this latest update introduces non-endemic advertising, a valuable tool that allows brands unassociated with Amazon to engage with Amazon’s consumer base. This addition aligns with Amazon consumers’ shopping habits, facilitating personalised ad campaigns. Notably, this feature opens up opportunities for businesses outside Amazon’s ecosystem to reach a significantly wider audience and elevate the overall shopping experience.

In a move to provide marketers with increased access to Amazon’s expansive advertising platform, Marin Software has also broadened its international Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Leveraging Amazon for unaffiliated brands’ gain

This opens the door for targeted advertising across Amazon’s network, leading to a diverse range of viewers. Marketers can harness insights into consumer behaviour from this platform to push their strategies forward and make informed decisions regarding ad placement.

Emphasizing the importance of these enhancements, Marin’s CEO, Chris Lien, states they’re intended to aid digital marketers in forming meaningful customer relationships, and elevate their reach and efficiency within the Amazon ecosystem. Lien confirms the updates are aimed at maximising advertising efforts, improving visibility and driving customer awareness and sales. He believes making use of the platform’s potential is crucial for businesses to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital marketing sphere. Lien also highlighted that other Amazon Ads tools from Marin have been upgraded, integrating AI-driven optimization with adaptive automations – a necessary feature in the diverse digital marketing landscape.

Marin Software, a San Francisco-native company, offers a comprehensive SaaS advertising management solution spanning search, social media, and e-commerce advertising, aiming to amplify the efficacy of global marketing campaigns. To find out more, visit the official Marin Software website.