Microsoft Advertising introduces new features for hotel industry

Hotel Features

Microsoft Advertising unveiled new features, Property Center and expanded Lodging Campaigns, aimed at enhancing campaign management and increasing reservation rates for hotels and holiday rentals.

The Property Center is a cutting-edge feature designed for hotel advertisers to maintain control over their property’s information. This assures potential customers receive accurate details about the hotel.

Expanded Lodging Campaigns, on the flip side, have been introduced to optimize ad targeting. These initiatives accommodate fluctuating prices, availability, and audiences to boost the performance of hotel ads.

The Property Center, essentially, is your one-stop shop for resources pertaining to the Lodging Campaigns. This includes Hotel Price Ads and Property Promotion Ads.

Enhancing hotel advertising with Microsoft’s new tools

The feature saves time and enhances overall efficiency in managing hotel advertisements.

Drilling deeper, Microsoft’s worldwide expansion of Lodging Campaigns provides perks such as simplified campaign creation, improved reporting, and a broader range of budgeting and bidding options. This expansion broadens marketing reach, letting users promote their properties to travellers globally.

Microsoft Advertising is also breaking new grounds with innovative tools for the hotel industry. This includes features like the addition of holiday rentals and the Property Type Badge to draw more audience and increase bookings.

To leverage these new tools, users can access resources on Property Center, available on Microsoft’s help pages and API material by logging into their Microsoft Advertising account.

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