Microsoft launches Property Center for optimized ad management

"Property Center Launch"

Microsoft Advertising has launched the Property Center, an advanced version of the Hotel Center, to support hotel and vacation rental operators worldwide. This new center allows users to manage ad campaigns, optimize images, and overlook business details all in one place. Users will also have access to cutting-edge features and data-driven insights for understanding the market landscape and consumer behavior.

The Property Center serves as a hub for managing assets connected to Lodging Campaigns, encompassing Hotel Price Ads and Property Promotion Ads. The center simplifies the operational tasks related to reservations, property ads, and details management. It aims to offer a consistent and precise information delivery to customers, thus improving their experience.

Alongside the launch of the Property Center, Microsoft Advertising expanded the global reach of its Lodging Campaigns. Including enhanced reporting, bid management, and budgeting options, these campaigns foster an efficient platform for creating and executing successful ad campaigns.

Optimizing ad management with Microsoft’s Property Center

The Property Center is accessible from the Tools tab in the Microsoft Advertising account. Property owners and managers can explore the various resources available. For support, the Ad Support and dedicated account teams from Microsoft Advertising are always ready to help.

The introduction of these new features is a testament to Microsoft Advertising’s continuous efforts to broaden its global influence and prowess in innovative solutions. Among the exciting new features is the launch of vacation rental services and the debut of the Property Type Badge, a significant leap towards a more functional and user-friendly platform.

The news was reported by respected paid media editor, Anu Adegbola. Known for her comprehensive grasp of digital marketing, she has helped improve marketing productivity with her initiatives. Besides this, she hosts a weekly podcast, advocates for the ClickTech brand, and shares her marketing experiences at various international marketing forums.