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  • My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015


    shutterstock_175848827This week, I wanted to list my most popular blog posts of 2015. These posts also got republished in some other news sites or blogs and got shared a few thousand times.  If you didn’t have an opportunity to read these posts before, now is the perfect time. Below you can find the top list of 2015.

    • Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job: If you want to search for another job or follow your passion to start your own business, then, this blog post is a must read for you! This post got republished on Businessinsider.com and Entrepreneur.com and viewed more than 15k times.
    • Things Successful People Do on Weekends: If you are not sure how to spend your weekend in an effective way, read this one. Don’t forget that an efficient weekend is one of the steps of being successful. This post got republished on Entrepreneur.com and shared via social media more than 15k times.
    • How To Give A Great Presentation: If you freak out because of having to get up in front of a crowd and talk about a topic, then you need to learn the rules of giving a presentation. By following the simple rules in this article, you can give a great presentation. This post got republished on Businessinsider.com and viewed more than 8k times.
    • Body Language Mistakes to Avoid at Work: You should always be careful about how you use your body when expressing yourself, if you don’t want to create any conflicts between your body language and the point you are trying to make. Read this blog post carefully to find out the most common body language mistakes. This post got republished on Businessinsider.com in addition to Entrepreneur.com and viewed more than 8k times.
    • How to Stay Calm in a Job Interview: In this article, you can find tips for staying calm during a job interview. Don’t forget that if you stay calm, you can show your confidence and reflect your true self to the others so increase your chance of getting the offer. This post got republished on Businessinsider.com as well as Entrepreneur.com and shared via social media 3k times.
    • Real World 101- What Every Graduate Should Know: This is actually my favorite one among all. Although graduating from college is a great accomplishment, which should be recognized, it is not the end. In fact, it is just the beginning of a totally new phase in life which the graduates are unfamiliar with. If you have just graduated or close to graduation, then this one is a must read! This post got republished on Businessinsider.com and viewed more than 4k times.

    Ceren Cubukcu is a top 5 bestselling author of Make Your American Dream A Reality: How to Find a Job as an International Student in the United States. She recently founded her consulting business to help more international students find jobs in the US in addition to her self-service digital event ticketing platform, Etkinlik Fabrikam (My Event Factory), to offer her webinars. 

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