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  • New Year’s Personal Branding Resolutions Update

    A few weeks ago I proposed New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs and Personal Branding and explained how I will personally follow these rules to continue my personal branding. I will now propose these resolutions to you, the reader, and ask how you have improved your personal branding.

    How have you improved?

    I will blog more.
    I have been blogging more. There’s a tremendous value with SEO as well as demonstrating knowledge about my industry/interests. Are you writing more? Do you often say “that would be a great blog topic!” and then actually follow through? Or more importantly – are you happy with the content on your own personal blog.

    I will tweet more.
    I proposed that I will tweet more to continue building my personal brand. Ask yourself: have you been tweeting every thought you’ve had that you feel your audience would be interested in? Are you properly promoting your blog entries on twitter?

    I will write more personal replies to my followers on twitter.
    I proposed I would further engage with my audience. Are you sending out @replies to new followers to learn about your audience? Every follower is a potential new relationship. How much do you truly know about the people who follow you?

    I will find the perfect blend of talking about my business and my personal thoughts on social media.
    I still struggle with this. How often are you talking about items your audience simply doesn’t want to hear? A lot of my audience is interested in social media insight, but instead they hear my thoughts on the New York Yankees, my personal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and so forth – and my follower counts fluctuate with each tweet! Is your audience engaging with each tweet you write? Do you know which type of tweets generate the most followers or unfollows?

    Happy Branding!

    Ben Cathers is the co-founder of InstantSocial.com – an outsourced social media provider (smo). He is the co-founder of three startups before he was 19 years old. Ben is the author of Conversations with Teen Entrepreneurs and was named in 2005 by CNN as a member of “America’s Bright Future.”  Ben has been quoted/featured in the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, Yahoo! Internet Life, The London Sunday Times and in over 40 different publications. 

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