Nicole Dukoff joins Collective Publicity as associate director

"Collective Publicity Director"

Colleen Kilpatrick’s Collective Publicity has recently transitioned from a solo venture to a collaborative one. It has announced Nicole Dukoff as the new associate director, adding her diverse skills and wealth of experience from previous stints at prominent PR firms.

Dukoff will leverage these skills to advance the goals of Collective Publicity, overseeing client management, business growth strategies, and overall operations. Reacting to her appointment, she said “The opportunity to contribute to a firm with such a collaborative spirit and dynamic approach is truly exciting.”

Colleen Kilpatrick, confident about this team addition, expressed, “Nicole’s industry understanding will be invaluable to us. We are thrilled to welcome her aboard. Her unique perspective will be a substantial asset.”

This change indicates Collective Publicity’s commitment to merging individual strengths to create a powerful collective impact. The team, now under the leadership of Kilpatrick and Dukoff, looks forward to setting new standards in the world of public relations.

With a successful track record in strategic planning and implementation, Dukoff is poised to drive forward the company’s mission.

New associate director elevating Collective Publicity

Her past roles at popular organizations like Hiltzik Strategies and FerenComm have provided her with the necessary skills to do so.

During Dukoff’s time at Hiltzik Strategies, she developed a professional relationship with Kilpatrick, forming the foundation for their current partnership. At Collective Publicity, they’re expected to use their combined prowess and understanding to achieve success.

Collective Publicity represents clients including Lauren Mandel’s Disco Nap, author Jon Collins-Black, and has expanded to digital brands through a partnership with UTA’s Digital Brand Architects. It is committed to enhancing their clients’ public image and marketability.

In the digital realm, Collective Publicity extended their client base by partnering with UTA’s Digital Brand Architects. This has paved the way for fruitful collaborations with cutting-edge digital brands, allowing the agency to stay current in this fast-paced industry.

Kilpatrick, the founder of Collective Publicity, has a history of successes with companies such as Starz, HBO, Amazon’s Prime Video, and Rotten Tomatoes, exemplifying her prowess in the sector. The industry watches in anticipation to see what success the company will achieve as it grows. Collective Publicity promises a rich unfolding of events in the business world.