Content is king.

The reason we hear that pretty often nowadays is because it’s true–with a sea of information, only the best, most engaging content stands out, gets referenced or is shared with friends and peers.

The beauty of great content (and the key to its success) lies in its originality. As far back as written content goes, some form of research has always been required. Now that more people are writing and publishing online, making sure content is not “borrowed” (even with good intentions) is critical.

I saw this comment on a blog this week: “You better give attribution since this entire post is pulled directly from another website.”

“You better give attribution here because this entire post is pulled from”

Here’s a nifty tool to help writers and publishers delineate great content–it takes care of all attribution aspects for you. Writers and publishers can drag-and-drop content and images onto the Storify platform, which automatically preserves attributions and metadata. The tool allows you to notify any quoted sources with a single click–which Storify says is “a great way to help it go viral.” The platform also has an interactive element that allows readers to tweet and reply to the people quoted within the content.

Combining copy with opinions from social networks makes for a compelling overall read–and Storify allows you to do that. The company also recommends using the platform to create a tribute to a favorite your author, collect book or movie reviews, gather news and ideas from an industry conference, or “storify” a social media thread or online conversation.

It’s always worth it to cover your bases, and Storify does more than just have your back.