Paula Scher discusses design philosophy on podcast

"Design Philosophy"

Paula Scher, an acclaimed graphic artist known for reshaping modern brand enhancement, recently appeared on the DesignThinkers Podcast. Scher has revolutionized the design industry, creating iconic logos for multinational corporations, continuously pushing the boundaries of design.

Since joining Pentagram in 1991, Scher has been involved in major brand transformations for institutions like The Public Theatre and The Museum of Modern Art. Her unique design philosophy focuses on creating a distinctive visual language that sets her clients apart from competitors.

The discussion on the podcast touched on Scher’s early career, her tenure at Pentagram, and her ongoing efforts to promote and engage the design community. The talk was a unique glimpse into her artistic process and the invaluable lessons she has learned throughout her journey. The episode concluded with Scher reflecting on her career, offering inspiration for budding designers.

The DesignThinkers Podcast is led by the president of the Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) and looks back at the highlights of Canada’s biggest graphic design convention, the DesignThinkers conference. The podcast is intended to stimulate conversations about significant ideas that are shaping the design industry and is accessible for both beginner and experienced designers.

The podcast offers an electrifying mix of innovation, art, and entrepreneurship and serves as an enriching platform that blends masterful storytelling with inspiring interviews.

Paula Scher’s impact on modern design

It aims to enrich, enlighten, and empower global designers, one episode at a time.

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