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    Today, I spoke to Adam Taki, who is the son of renowned food industry businessman Dr. Ghazi Taki and co-founder, as well as spokesperson of Amazing Taste Foods Inc.  In this interview, Adam talks about how he created his corporate brand, stood out from the competition, talks about some branding strategies, and more.

    How did you come up with the “Amazing Taste Foods & Seasonings” brand?

    From the consumers! In 1997 my father and I were sampling and cooking the product for people prior to launching the line, the first word out of everybody’s mouth was “This is Amazing” thus the name was born. In creating brand identity, it is important that you choose a brand name that will identify your product and capture your consumer’s attention. All Amazing Taste seasonings are designed to Instantly Create Juicy, Tender and Delicious Flavor to all meat, poultry and seafood. Since the introduction of Amazing Taste seasoning packets in 1997, we have received thousands of letters, emails, and phone calls confirming that the name delivers what it says.

    How have you stood out amongst competitors in your market and gained visibility?

    Product functionality and Price! Amazing Taste is a flavor enhancer and tenderizer that make great tasting foods fast and convenient. Further, Amazing Taste seasonings are low in sodium, made with all-natural spices and herbs, and contain NO MSG, artificial flavors or preservatives. Importantly, Amazing Taste seasonings are economical. In 1997 we introduced Amazing Taste seasoning packets at 99 cents, and we are the only company I know of in our category that has not raised their prices for over the past 13 years.

    Currently, Amazing Taste seasonings packets consist of nine flavors including Amazing Taste for Beef, for Poultry, for Burger, for Pork, for Seafood, Steak House Seasoning, Chili seasoning, Fajita seasoning and our signature Amazing Taste Malibu all purpose seasoning which is also great on vegetables and eggs. Amazing Taste seasonings are sold exclusively in the fresh meat and seafood departments in most supermarkets throughout the country.

    What branding strategies can you recommend to others who are as ambitious as you but don’t know where to start?

    Most important, identify that there is a consumer need for your product. You can’t chase a market if there is no market. Given the right price consumers will try anything once, but your product must deliver. Without repeat business you have no business! You must be able to create consumer loyalty. Make sure you spend the proper time and do your research and homework to learn as much as you can about your possible endeavor. I have seen so many people jump into a venture without doing their homework and wonder why they fail!

    You’re launching a new product line. How did you go about forming it?

    Build your foundation. With a solid foundation you can only go up, the sky is the limit. Start small and learn prior to taking your first big leap. In 1997, when we launched Amazing Taste seasoning packets we started with one small chain located throughout Los Angles called Hughes Markets. They have since sold to Ralphs, a division of Kroger. At that time we were their supplier of seasonings for their fresh marinated protein. It was an ideal synergy to start with them.

    We focused on only that account for the first 6 months. Importantly, during this period we were able to see that the product sold well and there was repeat business, additionally we were able to learn firsthand how to promote and merchandise the line.

    What entrepreneurial lessons have you learned from the start of your journey?

    Be persistent! It is never a done deal until the money is in the bank. Have a vision of what you want to accomplish because you will only go as high as you see yourself.

    Adam Taki
    is the son of renowned food industry businessman Dr. Ghazi Taki and co-founder, as well as spokesperson of Amazing Taste Foods Inc. He has become recognized as a top up-coming entrepreneur of his generation and has been acknowledged in Hollywood as a food personality. Recently, Adam has been interviewed by Extra, Access Hollywood, and featured on The Adam Carolla Radio Show, Merrill Schindler’s radio talk show, and several other top radio shows. In 1996, when he was only 12 years old, Adam and his father publicly launched the Amazing Taste line of products and developed a marketing strategy.

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