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    Today, I spoke with Ehud Furman, who is the CEO and Founder of LookupPage and a proud sponsor of Personal Branding Magazine. LookupPage, as a company, is extremely relevant to what we’re trying to accomplish here on this blog. You really need to be able to own your Google results because that is your new resume. With this service, you’ll be able to have yet another result (your LookupPage) rank high under your brand name, much like LinkedIn and Twitter do. During this interview, Ehud breaks down his company and why it’s important for you.

    What made you start LookupPage?

    We started LookupPage to help people get a super easy, professional, visible and affordable online presence.

    For decades, most people have made a living buy applying their skills and abilities to a corporation or business so the need to be noticed was usually limited to internal peers and superiors. The Current economic climate changes all that. Many talented people now need to find new ways to make a living by applying their skills to new employers or to anyone who will be willing to hire them as self employed / consults / contractors / small business.

    As a result, it is essential that people are visible and professionally represented in online search engines when potential customers/ employers look them up:. LookupPage provides all that in 5 minutes and with no need for any technical knowledge or skills.

    What makes LUP special?

    What makes LookupPage special is our simplicity as well as built in search engine optimisation (SEO) functions and online visibility guarantee. You do not need to be a tech wiz, or pay a professional to create a search engine optimised web site,.. LookupPage will do all that for you including buying an individualised domain name and driving traffic towards your page using effective PPC campaigns. All it takes is a few minutes of signup time and the result will be a visible and professional web presence for you and for your business, focused around your name. LookupPage effectively acts as the anchor of your Google CV.

    Can you explain the term ‘Google CV’?

    “A Google CV is the Google search results page returned for a name search.”

    If you search for my name on Google you’ll see that all first page results covers my professional background and are very relevant to who I am and what I’d like the world to know about me. You can also see that my LookupPage related results are at the top of Google search results page, a service guaranteed to LookupPage professional users.

    What is the main demographic of your users?

    We currently serve over 50,000 user’s world wide, of which more then 50% are US and UK based. Our professional users tend to be estate agents, financial advisers, consultants, accountants, lawyers, self employed, small business owners and anyone whose name is closely linked to the way she / he makes a living. We also provide a basic service to job seekers who need to be visible online for potential employment opportunities.

    Do you find there is a difference between your European users and the American ones?

    From what we’ve seen so far, the American LookupPage user usually has a bit of web savvy, and will use our service to build or complement their web presence. Many of them already have some kind of web presence prior to joining our service and are very aware of the value a professional product like LookupPage brings.

    Our European users are newer to the self marketing / self branding game and will usually start managing their online presence by opting in to our free service. Thereafter we generally find that they upgrade in order to guarantee their position on Google’s first page as well as gain access to our detailed user analytics reports which further assist them in promoting their businesses.

    Ehud Furman is the founder and CEO of LookupPage, a personal branding, online identity and reputation management service for professionals, self-employed and business owners. Previously Ehud was the managing director of the European arm of shopping.com, the world’s leading shopping search and shopping comparison company. Early in 2000 Ehud relocated with his family to the United Kingdom to start the Shopping.com (previously Dealtime) European operation, where he built and managed the company’s business in the UK, France and Germany.

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