I write a new pledge each year to inspire you to take control of your life and career. If something is holding you back from real success, please reach out to me and let me know what it is. Perhaps you’re dogged by something someone said about you, something you’ve done or some problem you suspect is in your way.

My Pledge for 2014

This is the year I blow the roof off

I crank up my life so loud it explodes

I leap with abandon as I shed my old skin

I swoop and I float and I dive so low

When I emerge from the depths

My punch lands a blow that cracks the case open

The thing I most wanted to know

I can finally see

The person I am, and what I’m meant to be


The one you dismissed

The one you don’t see

The one you cut, like I’m butter and you’re a knife

The one who’s been waiting and negotiating for my own life

Everything I want is hiding in plain sight but was obscured

While I waited for your decision, your permission and approval

But this year that’s over, it’s all trash for removal

No more crowdsourcing and agonizing about what others expect

I’m here to command my reality and self-respect

This year I am the master, my own muse and architect

Keep your eyes on this space

I am the meaning of success!