Personal Branding Weekly – Frustrated with Twitter?

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to present at the #SMX Social Media Marketing Conference this week. What Are 3 Blunders Hindering Your Ability to Connect With Influencers on Twitter?

My hope, as always, is to help you be more effective in your marketing and more efficient with your time.

Please review my presentation deck and feel free to share it!

Maria Elena Duron Presentation at #SMXSOCIAL – SMX Social Marketing Conference 2013 from Maria Duron

Do you have any favorite twitter tips? Please share them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to publicly thank you along with highlight your tactics in an upcoming blog post.

Last week – we focused on:

A helpful takeaway from the conference – If you forget to network, you’ll forget how to network.

Which helpful takeaway from last week speaks to you?

  1. One of the easiest ways to grow your following as an industry expert quickly is through leveraging social networks. (Author, Crystal Washington)
  2. If you can provide nothing more than being a sounding board and providing encouragement, I can almost guarantee that they will appreciate it. (Author,  Marc Miller)
  3. If you’re struggling with motivation, it may be time to reassess your motivators and the value behind profit for you. (Author, Nick Inglis)
  4. The more personal the connection, the more likely your boss will remember you and feel good about the work you’re doing. (Author, Leslie Truex)
  5. A great legacy is based on having great character traits. (Author, Beth Kuhel)
  6. EVERYONE has something that can contribute. Everyone has their own Moon Shot Idea. (Author, Jeff Shuey)
  7. When survival is your only objective, it becomes easier to make decisions. (Author, Bill Connolly)

This next week we’ll cover:

  • Inexpensive resources
  • Thank you for your brand
  • “Tell me about yourself” revisited
  • Branding versus positioning
  • Negotiating for what you want

Looking forward to your comments. Thank you for your readership!