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  • Personal Branding Weekly – Stop Guarding Your Resources

    Safeguard photo from ShutterstockI recently wrote about the five things you need to stop doing now to create great connections in 2015.

    Stop guarding your resources is one of them.

    In a minute, you can Google almost anything that you want to know more about so the days of keeping resources or a piece of information “top secret” are fleeting. When you can recognize problems or opportunities and provide solutions, you elevate your value in someone’s mind.  I’m not saying to “give the farm away”. What I’m recommending is, when you find a great tool to help someone solve a problem, then share the information with them.

    In positioning people who are experts in their field, you often hear this statement, “identify the problem before they even know about that problem and you’ll be seen as an expert.”  The same belief applies here. Identify a solution or resource before they even know where to begin seeking assistance and you’ll be seen as a valuable connection.

    To do item:  What resources have you been using, that you could inform someone about that would assist them? Start getting into a habit of reviewing your resources and sharing how people can acquire the resource for themselves.

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