Profile of a Successful Salesperson

Are you driven?

Successful salespeople are very goal driven determined to achieve their distant star and beyond. Further defining the personality and deep within, the successful salesperson does soul searching to understand their motivating forces and then prioritizes which to accomplish first. This becomes a forever commitment to education to do one’s best. And the competitive salesperson strives to be the best.

When unusual ideas are presented, this type is not quick to dismiss but instead possesses an open mindset to consider possibilities. The attitude is, anything is possible, with the right plan in place. Intuition is never ignored as the sixth sense is rarely wrong.

Positive thought is a common thread among the successful. Belief in forthcoming success is very strong. But note, the determined sales professional will not attempt just any project. A distinguishing factor is the intended goal will be in alignment with priorities and desires. The goal itself becomes a motivating force to implement all that is required to achieve and implement correctly. Doubt never enters the picture. Instead, the goal is held in mind almost 24 hours per day until accomplished.

Should positive thought be a struggle, as negativity is quite common, here is an exercise you might try: When speaking or thinking a negative thought, take note of it and do your best to turn it into a positive. Record your results over an entire quarter as you practice turning the negative into positive thought. Most likely, you will see greatly improved results in your accomplishments. Once on this path, it becomes stimulating to do even more.

Obstacles are regarded as learning points and game challengers to see if one will make it to the finish line as a champion. While most salespeople prefer getting the sale rapidly, the more successful will pace themselves while balancing their commitment to education, as well as trial and error. Both of these components will leapfrog the student over those who are too anxious to put in the required time.

Perseverance is the keyword for turning goals into achievable actions.

Rather than talking much, the better salespeople question, listen and clarify for keen understanding. An open dialogue with clientele encourages long lasting relationships for improved business. The more successful walk away from grumpy potential clients to seek the compatible in order to find joy in the work about to be started.

When new opportunities in the forms of joint venture partnership or unusual requests for services are presented, the successful circle back to priorities and commitments already in place. The reasoning is two-fold:

First, the successful are determined to ensure excellence in service is always delivered. This almost guarantees the possibility of repeat business, referrals and testimonials. Second, the consistency seen builds a formidable personal brand.

This personality type is typically of high energy and uses the words Thank You prolifically and offers to be available when questions arise. In the end, both sides of the table are appreciative.

Incorporating these traits will put you on the wave of the Smooth Sale!


Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, (800) 704-1499; just released “INSPIRED Business A New View for Building Business and Communities”. Other titles: “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”, and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews“. Elinor was designated as a “Top 25 Sales Influencer for 2012.”