Four times a year, publicly traded companies are required to submit quarterly earning reports to the Security Exchange Commission. The information disclosed in these reports provide a snapshot of the financial health of the company. Earning reports are part of a stewardship process – investors have entrusted firms with money to run the company and thus the company owes the investors an update as to the happenings within the organization.

This idea can be used in your career management and networking efforts. Provide your networking circle and mentors an update four times a year.  Give them information as to your career situation, work projects, advancement opportunities, etc. in order demonstrate to your networking circle the value of the continued investment of their time and energy on you. Think of this as a stewardship practice. The communications will go a long way to developing your brand with your inner circle of contacts.

Go ahead, pick four dates (most companies release their quarterly reports in January, April, July and October).  Place these dates on your calendar along with a list of recipients for your report. Draft a concise note highlighting your recent work projects and accomplishments, detail your plans for the upcoming quarter, and wrap up by offering your appreciation and willingness to help the recipient if the opportunity should present itself.

These updates will be anticipated by your inner circle of mentors and contacts and will go a long way to building your brand the relationship with your ‘investors’.


Kevin Monahan is the Associate Director of the Notre Dame Career Center.  In this role, he leads the center’s  employer relations efforts in addition to coaching young professionals in career management and career change capacities. He combines career consulting services with employer outreach to help find opportunities for both constituencies.  He is the author of the Career Seeker’s Guide blog.