Rules That Will Serve Your Children Well

Personal Branding

Many years ago I found a book by Richard R. Conarroe, published by the American Management Association titled, BRAVELY, BRAVELY IN BUSINESS.

Getting out of college and anxious for a career I typed these notes on a sheet of paper, folded it and kept it in my wallet for over ten years to unfold and read periodically. Recently, I found that folded piece of paper and discovered the things that made for a successful career that many years ago still holds true. And they will for your children too. See for yourself:

-Pick the people who can most strongly determine your success and stay in direct, personal, continuous touch with them.

-Never assume that the way things are today is the way they will be tomorrow – or even after lunch.

-Never fail to consider the future significance of what you say and do.

-Know what it is you can do better than anyone else and do that.

-Never say anything about anyone you wouldn’t say in exactly the same way to his face.

-Search for the seeds of victory in every disaster – and seeds of disaster in every victory.

-Don’t lie. If you can’t tell the truth, keep quiet. When you start lying, you are dead.

-Never expect someone to keep a secret. There are no secrets.

-Bet on people – but be prepared to lose.

-Unsolvable problems don’t disrupt the routine; they are the routine.

-Everybody’s motives are different. Make certain you know what motivates each person you deal with.

-Know exactly what your goals are.

-Follow your own instincts. They are probably no more wrong than everyone else’s carefully reasoned logic.

-Build a reputation as a winner by smiling when you win – and when you lose.

-Keep every promise you have made – or that others think you have made.

-Never assume that others are operating under the same rules you are.

-Success has many ingredients, but the greatest of these is confidence.

-Don’t win too soon. You’ll miss half the fun of playing the business game.