There are times when it is difficult to come up with content… period. When I scour the pages and pages of data on the Internet… trying to search for a new idea… I slowly realize that, frankly, it is hard to find a new idea. There is also the sinking feeling that there are no new ideas… just regurgitation… like a collection of hundreds upon hundreds of words from newspapers all over the world…. glued together in a slick, ugly paper mache ball.

When I fail to come up with a new idea… I try to disregard everything and go the exact opposite way. I would like to introduce (not a new idea universally) the idea of being unbranded.

This idea was born from a conversation I had with a friend that surprisingly had something to do with the clothing stores Abercrombie & Fitch and Express. I do not despise the clothing from Express (no comment on Abercrombie) but I do despise when huge logos or brand names or stitched on the front of clothing. I do not mean to pick on the two stores they are just the first that came to my mind.

Frankly… you are unoriginal if you wear obnoxiously branded clothing. You are like… everyone else. And I think we can all agree… being like everyone else does not help you in the world of being an original personal brand.

Why is it important to be original?

  1. You want to be remembered.
  2. Your story is unique and builds your personal brand.
  3. Being original allows you to create ideas that change the way people think.
  4. You can take old ideas and apply your personality to make them new again.

Being unbranded is the foundation for all thing personal branding. If you want a strong personal brand… it is important to create ideas, solutions, and content that is original to your own personality.

Isn’t it better to one instead of one in a million?